Tips to get the most out of your ballet summer intensive

How to get the most out of your ballet summer intensive?

Summer has arrived, bringing with it the excitement of summer intensives in the world of dance! These programs offer an exciting opportunity to step outside your comfort zone by training at different schools or ballet companies.

While summer intensives can be thrilling, they can also be a little intimidating, with new environments, teachers, and students you may not know.

Whether you’re a seasoned attendee or experiencing your first summer intensive, we’ve gathered six valuable tips to help you make the most out of this transformative experience:


Before your summer intensive begins, take some time to set clear and specific goals for yourself. Identify areas of improvement and the skills you want to develop during the program. Setting goals will help you stay motivated and focused throughout the intensive, giving you a sense of purpose and direction.


Summer intensives are a unique opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and embrace new challenges that push the boundaries of your abilities. This is the perfect moment to embrace the opportunity and remain open-minded toward exploring new styles and techniques. Take advantage of this opportunity to grow as a dancer and diversify your skillset.


To get the most out of your summer intensive, it’s crucial to prioritize your physical well-being. Stay hydrated, fuel your body with nutritious food, and get enough restorative sleep. Warm up and cool down properly before and after class to prevent injuries, and don’t hesitate to speak up if you’re feeling any discomfort or pain.


During your summer intensive, make a conscious effort to stay present and fully engaged in each class. Pay attention to the instructions and corrections given by your teachers. By being fully present, you’ll absorb more knowledge and make the most of the invaluable feedback provided by your instructors.


One of the unique aspects of summer intensives is the opportunity to meet and connect with other dancers and teachers. Take advantage of this by actively engaging in conversations, participating in group activities, and attending social events organized by the program. Friends you make at summer intensives can last a lifetime, so take the opportunity to enjoy being surrounded by young dancers who share your passion for ballet!


While a summer intensive is going to be intense, it’s also important to remember to enjoy your time. Although you should try your best, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes because they help you learn and improve. So, relax, smile, have fun, and enjoy this experience.

Whether you’ll attend your first summer program or you’re an experienced intensive attendee, we hope these six tips will come in handy to help you get the most out of this opportunity. Embrace the challenges, take care of yourself, connect with others, and enjoy every moment of your summer intensive. Happy summer!

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